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At D. G. Lockhart, we work in partnership with Golden Charter to provide you with a simple way to plan ahead. A funeral plan is an easy way to arrange the funeral you want in advance. A plan allows you to specify your wishes and pay for the funeral director’s services included in your plan. A plan from Golden Charter can also include an allowance towards third party costs. These are essential, non-funeral director services such as the cremation or burial fees, plus the minister or officiant’s fee to perform the service. We can provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision for you and your family, so get in touch today.

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Funeral Services


Advice and guidance on what to do when someone dies. D. G. Lockhart can carry out a range of funeral services, including;


Support in Registering a Death

Booking Cremation or Burial services

Liaising with clergy / celebrants

Care of the Deceased


D. G. Lockhart pride themselves in treating your family as if they were their own. Trained staff arrange everything from transportation to washing and dressing your loved one in their purpose built facilities   



A range of coffins are available including traditional oak veneer, wicker, cardboard and picture varieties, as well as a selection of urns.



Lockhart's offer the placement of local and national press notices and acknowledgements as well as local window notices and online listings.



D. G. Lockhart offer provision of their Mercedes hearse and matching limousine. Additional family cars can be added with notice and alternative transport options can be discussed.



The company work with local memorial masons to arrange quality memorial options on your behalf. A number of cemetery vases and grave pots are stocked at our high street office.

Image by Noah Silliman
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